We believethat:
“Facts tell, stories sell”

Movieverse Entertainment is a full-service video production and branding agency. We have all the necessary elements in-house: all the right people on the team to handle your project from start to finish.

Pre - Production stage

Everything starts with a thought, then comes communication, which is one of our strongest sides. We analyze your business, create your story and brand. Our storytelling team works together with our marketing and analytical team. The story has to be up to date, relatable and also do well on market. Our Marketing team does traditional and digital marketing analysis and hence we have better results in the final stage, when it comes to distribution and business results for our clients.

Creative stage

Story Sells, numbers and facts can't. The goal of the project or business is to create a product or a service and develop. Our goal is to create the story and to be ahead of innovations in storytelling. We analyze and figure out the exact way of how to express and convey the value of your product in the story so the audience can understand it, relate to it, accept it and remember it. We develop a treatment which explains the story behind the idea, then - a detailed script with proper timing and storyboard, and a plan which describes what elements we need to achieve our goal.

Production Stage

We chose to team up with the best professional and talented people from our network of Hollywood and foreign filmmakers. After the pre - production and creative stages are done, the best locations to set your story are set, right cast that will represent your story and brand are set we go into production using the best technology and gear which are used in Hollywood.


After the production stage is finished we go into post production with our professional team. Our editors work on your piece just as jewelers on diamonds, carefully and precisely, our high-end visual effects team makes your video story pop up and our sound team makes it touching and unforgettable for viewers.


``We do what others don't, that's how we succeed``.
When the final stage is finished we make sure you know the best ways to get it in front of the audience. We will create a marketing, promotion and distribution strategy, support you with TV/web media strategy and social media content, provide you with necessary PR and branding services, introduce to media buyers and international partners overseas.

Our goal is to facilitate and contribute to your business growth. 


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